Entry – Flash Fiction Magazine

Flash Fiction Magazine is a literary magazine that publishes daily flash fiction stories online (300-1000 words). As I understand it, it’s an offshoot of 101 words, another publication that I will consider sending my work to in the future (their reading period was closed last time I checked). It also has a print anthology. Their submission process is almost like a survey that gives you the option of receiving their issues in your email and of receiving a newsletter with tips for authors. An extra add-on is that you have to provide a blurb that describes your story on social media.

I submitted an edited version of Midnight Ghosts (303 words). It’s about a girl who wakes up but still dreams in the dead hours of night. Hmm, that description just now may have been better than what I sent: A girl wakes but still dreams. In the orange night, is what she chases real? I’d like to compare Midnight Ghosts to a story I read in APEX magazineNext Stop, Shibuya by Iori Kusano. Not that they’re super similar, but at the very least, the settings in each story are dreamlike, carrying the main characters on a journey through that strange space and time. At least I’d like to think that’s what I’ve achieved through my story.

Will I submit my second entry of the week tomorrow? The orange night holds its breath.


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